Circle time in a Yoga for Kids class

Yoga in Schools

Angry Cat pose in a Yoga for Kids classSarah runs Yoga for Kids, teaching yoga to children in schools in Kent, together with colleagues Kim Pincott and Sue Hopgood.

She has taught in schools such as Amherst, Sevenoaks Primary, Borough Green, Churchill, Seal C of E primary school and St Lawrence C of E Primary School.

Yoga has many benefits for children; it encourapair work in a Yoga for Kids classges strength and flexibility and therefore can be a good grounding for other sports. It also teaches breath awareness and relaxation, essential tools for children in their ever increasingly busy lives. Much of what is taught in Yoga ties in with PSHE: encouraging children to recognise and deal with feelings, to listen and participate co-operatively and feel positive about themselves. Yoga is non-competitive so often appeals to children who don’t enjoy team sports and is non-religious. It can be practised by children of all ages and abilities as modifications can be made to make postures suitable for all. Balloon game in a Yoga for Kids classYoga for Kids classes include yoga postures, co-operative games, creative stories, brain gym, music, breath work and relaxation.

Yoga in schools can be taught as a whole school Activity Day, morning, after school or lunch clubs or PE sessions as part of the school curriculum

Family yoga sessions

Mum and son enjoy a family yoga sessionSarah and her Yoga for Kids partner, Kim Pincott, are delighted to be offering a new series of Family Yoga classes in Sevenoaks.

They will take place on a Saturday afternoon and are open to all children (and their parents or carers) aged from 3 – 12. The classes will last for one and a half hours and include yoga for children with games, music, breath work and relaxation for everyone. There will be a break for tea and biscuits while the children take part in a calming activity.

This is a fun and exciting way to learn yoga with your children which you can then practise at home together.

Yoga mats are provided but please dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Adults must come along prepared to participate!

For more information please contact Sarah

Lets go yoga 

Lets Go Yoga logoLet’s Go Yoga is a training programme designed by Sarah Linsey and Christiane Kerr (from Calm for Kids) that has been specifically designed for schools and is safe and easy to use by both teachers and teaching assistants in the classroom. 

Lets Go Yoga toolsThe programme consists of a CD and Teacher’s Pack and comprises ten 6-8 minute yoga and breathing based exercises.  The programme is designed for use from Reception up to Year 6 and each exercise is specifically aimed at sitting at desks or standing within the confines of the classroom space. The programmes are divided into three categories: Calming, Energising and Focus and Concentration with specific yoga postures and breathing exercises.

Sample Lets Go Yoga toolsThe pack includes an instructional CD and ten programme cards with clearly presented photographs which are designed for use after completing the Let’s Go Yoga Training programme.  The CD is simple to use; the teacher or teaching assistant just needs to put on the CD and demonstrate the postures to the class using the cards as an additional teaching tool.  It can be used at any time of the school day.  If used on a regular basis the programme will help the children develop balance and co-ordination, enhance focus and concentration and bring a sense of calm to the classroom.