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sarah's philosophy


Sarah Linsey, Yoga Instructor in SevenoaksI teach Hatha yoga inspired by the approach of Vanda Scaravelli and Mary Stewart.  It is a gentle approach which focuses attention on the breath, the connection to the ground and releasing and lengthening the spine. The classes focus on yoga postures, breathing and relaxation.

The yoga is both calming and energising and when practised regularly leads to increased flexibility and strength.  As someone who in the past suffered regularly from lower back pain I have experienced the therapeutic and strengthening benefits of yoga at first hand. 

half lotus poseI am interested in how yoga enables people to explore their bodies’ potential in a safe and beneficial way whatever their age or physical condition.  Yoga can teach us how to inhabit the body more intelligently, to develop greater awareness of our self and others.  Practice becomes our own personal inquiry and journey, teaching us to listen to and respect our bodies. It can bring a calmness and stillness to our life which is a wonderful antidote to the stresses of modern living.

I regular attend workshops with Chloe Freemantle, Giovanni Felicioni, Peter Blackaby and others to maintain my interest and passion for yoga.